22/08/08 We were invited to visit the open studio day and the conclusion of another market residency at the Hwa Sung Market, about 1 hour south of Anyang.  I was told that since the success of Seoksu Art Project, there is a new funding programme in Korea that specifically give fundings to market based projects.  When we arrived, there was a ramen cook-off between the artists and the shop owners in the market.  The event was buzzing, the locals turned out in big numbers and brought their preferred ingredients to the table.  When its all done, the ramen was shared with everyone in the market.  I had a pretty deluxe bowl of noodles with ample seafood and mushrooms.  After the noodles, Camera again was our man of the night for entertainment.  Tonight he showed us how to make sushi using a camera!










Berlin based French artist Cecile Belmont in front of her studio in Hwa Sung Market.


















Other studio space and office in Hwa Sung Market.











Mr Park working on his shovel installation.  

From SAP’s news letter:  The English word ‘sap’ has various meanings:  it refers to ‘a watery fluid that circulates through a plant’, ‘energy’, ‘vitality’, ‘a deep and narrow trench’ in military terms.  In the Korean Language dictionary, ‘sap’ refers to a utensil used for a religious service to ward off suffering, misfortunes, and devil spirits and a tool for digging the earth. As a verb, it connotes ‘to put into,’ ‘to insert, piece’, ‘to intervene’, and to break into’….. Our shoveling work, initiated at Seoksu market and carried on to the Anyang River via the Manan Bridge in 2008 has several aims.  It is intended to dig out the history of our long accumulated lives, to incorporate a wide variety of artistic experiments, to open the flow of a pool of water, to break down the dam between art and life and the boundary formed by our existing habits and customs, and to demolish institutionalized dignity.  This shovel is also an attempt to build up a trench for a new cultural and artistic movement.










































After an afternoon of presentations, we were organised into groups for an field trip around Seoksu Market and Anyang.  Today is Korea Liberation day, all around the Market shops displayed flags celebrating Korea’s independence.  We walked north, down stream along the Anyang river towards Seoul.  Jayeon explained to me that the depth of the water can change quite drastically from time to time.  There were lots of dragon flies along the river and from a short distance lots of cicadas, occasionally fish jumps in the water.  What a transformation.  The water in this river was once as black as coffee and smelled putrid from industrial waste and sewege.  But now the river seems to be recovering.  Since my arrival here, I have seen kids playing in its water.  At the end of our walk we reached a circular garden marking the meeting point of 3 cities; Anyang, Seoul and Gwanmyung.


















At night after dinner, Japanese artist Yamanaka Camera did an impromptu performance with his melodica.










Jayeon helping me to translate my presentation to the Korean audiences.












Artist Suk-Yong Kim catching up on some well earned rest after a long day in the studio.










On top of MVRDV from left: artist Justin Rancourt (USA), artist Elaine Tin Nyo (USA), our guide Ho Jin Susang and artist Chuck Yatsuk (USA).

Down stairs from Stone & Water Supplement Space, director Mr Park has opened the Lizard Cafe.  The name of the cafe comes from the motif used for the Anyang River Project “Flow”, 2004.  It was pick to be the motif because the river from an aerial view looks like a lizard.  Inside the Cafe there is a small library where one can find lots of info on previous initiatives around this area and interesting projects around the country.  The cafe has a famous coffee, invented by Mr Park himself, the Dutch Drip is made using a medical drip over a period of 10 hours.  The Coffee is served cold with ice.  It was my welcome drink when I first arrived here.  A perfect substitute for flat whites in Korea’s August heat.





















Above: Mr Park making the famous Dutch Drip.

Director Park Chan-Eung with residency producer Jayeon Kwon unraveling and installing Paper Noticeboard Prototype, gift from New Zealand Colleagues Nick Spratt and Lauren Winstone.

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