TAP Artists Open Studio

28/08/08  is the open studio day for the Toride Art Project (TAP) artists from Japan at SAP.  This is the first year of the SAP & TAP exchange, the Japanese artists have been here fro a month and next month 3 selected Korean artists will go to Japan to stay and realise their projects.  




















Above:  Suzuki Isao’s space where he showed pics and videos of a bike trip he made from Busan to Anyang.










Above:  Kanazawa Sumi’s space, where she showed an installation based on the 38th parallel north and the novel Secret Garden.










Above:  Woo-Young Kang, a Korean artist who is going to TAP this year’s video installation.










Above:  Yamanaka Camera’s installation in Stonenwater gallery with objets from and a video documentation of his performance last night.











Above from left:  Niko (Toride City Culture Manager), Ami Nakayama (Toride Art Project), Suzuki Isao, Yamanaka Camera and Kanazawa Sumi.



























Our host Ho Jin Susang treated us to a Korean sushimi place following the open studio.  The chef look suspiciously like Christopher Walker to me.  We had plates after plates of the finest tuna cuts.  Once we’ve stuffed ourselves with tuna sushimi, the chef brought out his “special cocktail” in a coffee jug and pour it into our soju glasses.  It was oily.  By then, I had already had quite a number shots of soju.  Half way through this “special cocktail” I found out that the things floating inside the coffee jug are not ice cubes, they are tuna eye balls! Man, pretty extreme.  The night seemed to just keep going and going.  When we thought we’ve had all we can eat, the chef grilled the tuna head and served it to our table.  Suzuki was happy to see the tuna head and got stuck right in there.


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