Groping (Anyang River-Gwanak Mountain-APAP)































































29/08/08 After Tracing around Seoksu Market and Strolling along Anyang river, this day’s workshop was called “Groping”.  I was perplexed and somewhat curious to see what was instore for us but mostly wondered whether that was a translation issue.  We drove most of the way up a near by mountain Mt Samseongsan and walked to the Sammaksa Temple.  It is a beautifully preserved mountain with natural forest all the way up.  When we got to the top, before I realised where we were, all was revealed.  No, no translation issue there.  I was interrupted by Camera going “William! William!…”  in a split second his water bottle was on the ground and he was”groping” the penis looking like rock with both hands.  The legend has it to touch this rock will give you more man power and better chance of fertilizing someone.  There was a female version too.  Camera was keen to get a bit of that power as well and Sumi climbed on it.  Pretty cool workshop.  We then walked from the Sammaksa Temple to the Yeombulam Temple and then to the Anyang Public Art Park.  It is a huge park, I had been here before with the US artists but seems like we only saw at most half of what is here.  Mr Park joked about how the abbreviation APAP sounds like apa apa (it means sick in Korean).  


















































The Acconci Studio work in APAP was impressive.  Apparently, the construction deviated from his original design and that pissed him off, saying that the work is not his.

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