Camera’s Seoksu Suwollae







































































27/08/08 We knew we were in for something big since the arrival of the 108 pig coin boxes in the studio few weeks ago.  For his final performance in SAP, Camera has composed a new song for the Seoksu Market based on the traditional Ganggang Suwollae; a dance Koreans do during the full moon.  The pig coin boxes, they were transformed into lanterns and hung around the market.  Crates of mak-gul-li arrived in the afternoon as well as an calligraphy master who wrote desires/wishes on long strips of paper to hang on the lanterns, this was a tradition all participants were invited to partake, so we happily joined in.  

At night, Camera’s performance was accompanied by a group of traditional Chang-go drummers.  They played around the outside of the market before making an entrance into the centre of the market.  The atmosphere was festive, many locals came to the occasion and many joined in in the Seoksu Suwollae.  It was a beautiful project.  A huge success.


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